Why You Should Wear A Bicycle Helmet, And Why You Can’t|1

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Share On reddit, November 19, 2015 at 9:51:00AM, alyssa gillis wrote:I just got off the phone with my daughter who is 6 years old and she said that she likes to ride a bike because she likes going through the city and having fun.

She said she would like to see a helmet.

I thought that was really cool and if I could get a helmet for her, I would love to see it.

I don’t know what kind of helmet would be best for her.

I think she could wear a helmet that’s like a motorcycle helmet that covers her face, but she’s still riding on the bike and she doesn’t wear her helmet on the street.

So I think the best helmet would have to be a motorcycle with a helmet covering the entire face.

She loves to ride.

I’ve been riding since I was a little kid.

I don’t have a helmet because I don.

She loves riding and she would really like to be able to ride in a city, she said.

And she would be super proud of it if she could ride in one.

I would totally be happy with that.

But the helmet needs to cover the entire head.

I mean, it’s the most dangerous riding position for a child, and a bicycle helmet doesn’t really protect the head from impacts and bumps.

So if she had a helmet, I think it would be really cool.

I just bought a bike helmet a couple years ago and it’s not really that comfortable.

I know that’s a good thing.

I love the feel of it and I’m really enjoying it.

But it’s a little bit uncomfortable and I think a helmet would do the trick.

I’m not sure what kind would be better.

I wouldn’t buy it just because I’m super excited to ride, I’d buy it because I want it and if she wanted it, I wouldn´t want her to have it.

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