New York bike shop offers the ultimate beach cruiser

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A new shop in Manhattan is offering a new take on the classic bike that’s been a staple of many urban cyclists since its inception.

The new shop, the first of its kind in New York, opens today with three bikes, including a bike that can be ridden like a bicycle, but can also be ridden by a horse.

The shop, located at 565 Madison Avenue, is also offering a limited edition, two-wheeled “treetop bike,” which is a hybrid of a bike and a tricycle.

This model, the “Treetop,” is a bike made to look like a tricycles, but is made of plastic and comes in a variety of colors and finishes, like black and gray, and is the first in New England.

“It’s just a very basic bike that you could ride anywhere,” said owner Brian Fong.

“But it’s really good for beginners.

You could be riding down the street, you could be out on a trail, or you could just take it for a ride.”

Fong, who’s been biking for nearly 20 years, said that he has been trying to make his bikes more affordable for years.

“When I started out, there was no bike shop,” he said.

“There was no shop for people to buy their bikes.

Now, you can go in and have a bike for $400 or $500.

It’s been really amazing.”

Fongs first bike was made for him by the Brooklyn Cyclery.

Now the shop is selling the bikes for $299.99, with a shipping and handling charge of $20.

Fong said he is currently looking for someone to make a bike out of plastic.

“We need to get a couple of people to make plastic,” he told Polygon.

“The bike is made out of recycled plastic.

That’s the least expensive plastic you can get.

It would be nice to have more people making bikes out of that material.”

The shop also sells the Bicycles for Kids bicycle, a model that looks like a traditional bicycle but has two wheels and a handlebar, and the Bikes for Children bike, which has three wheels and has a handlebars, but no pedals.

“They have a great handlebar and they look cool,” said Fong of the bikes.

“And they have a little bit more speed and stability, too.”

Fons said that the shop sells to families and students, and that they are working to add more bikes for kids.

“I think it’s a great way to introduce kids to the outdoors,” he added.

“In a lot of the bike shops that I go to, they don’t have any kids.

They have bikes for the middle and high school kids.

And they have no bike for the teenagers.”

The store is open until 8 p.m.

Monday through Friday, and from 11 a.m.-5 p..m., Saturday.

Fongs said he hopes that the bike shop will encourage people to explore the city and explore the outdoors.

“If you can bike, you will see how beautiful it is out here,” he explained.

“Because the city is so beautiful.”

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