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When you think of bicycle crash lawyer, there are several names you may know but not want to hear

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Bike-injury lawyer David A. Smith has represented many cyclists in collisions.

“I’m a cyclist myself and I’ve seen the same kind of things that happen,” he said.

He said a common misconception about a cyclist’s rights is that he or she must obey all traffic laws.

That’s not always the case, and it’s the responsibility of the cyclist to determine what they need to do in order to make it safe.

Smith said it’s important to understand the law in your state and state law to make an informed decision.

If you are unsure about a particular law, consult an experienced cyclist lawyer.

“When you’re riding a bicycle, you’re responsible for what’s going on around you,” he explained.

There are three main types of injuries cyclists can sustain: If your bike is struck by a vehicle or a vehicle impacts another vehicle: The injury can cause damage to your bike and/or to other vehicles on the road.

This type of injury is usually more serious if you’re in a crash.

When a cyclist is hit by a car: Sometimes a car will hit a cyclist and cause injury.

The car may also drive off without stopping.

It’s important for the cyclist and the driver to communicate their intentions and intentions should they be involved in a collision.

While this type of accident can cause serious injury, it can also be the cyclist’s fault for not stopping at the scene and contacting emergency services.

A cyclist can recover from a serious bicycle crash if they’re able to stop, ride safely, and get medical treatment.

Bicycle accident attorney David A Smith helps cyclists recover from bicycle accidents.

You can contact David A in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas or anywhere in the United States.

What you need to know about cycling injuries

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