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Cycling enthusiast James Brown from the NSW south coast is hoping for a baby bicycle that will eventually become his own.

James Brown, who lives in the north of the state, is working on his own bike, dubbed The Child of the Year.

“My son was born with a disability and I’m hoping to build something that he can use to explore,” he said.

“It’s just something he can do, to go and explore and do whatever he wants.”

Mr Brown has already completed a few builds on his bike, which he calls The Child, and is now building his own model for his friends and family.

“I’m not trying to do it to impress anyone or anything like that, but I’m just trying to build it,” he explained.

“We’re still building it, I just like to give back to the community and see what we can do with it.”

The Child is being made by a team of volunteers, who include bike shop owner John Stoughton, a former cyclist, and a retired teacher.

Mr Stoughtons daughter Sally is one of the people building The Child and she said they were inspired by the work of a number of local organisations.

“This project was really inspired by people around the community,” she said.

She said she wanted to build a bike that was easy to use, and that she wanted it to look as much like her son as possible.

“He was born and he was a really young boy, so the bike looked a lot like him,” she explained.”[I wanted] it to be something that was simple and functional and something that could be used by him.”

The project is being funded by a $10,000 grant from the Queensland Government.

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