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How women’s bicycle helmets are different from men’s

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Womens cycling helmets are more likely to feature a mesh shell and a foam lining than men’s.

The mesh is made of a polyester/polyamide blend that can be used to improve comfort, protect against cuts and scratches and increase wind resistance.

The foam lining provides additional breathability and reduces wind noise.

The polyester shell is made from nylon and is thinner and stronger than the nylon mesh used in men’s helmets.

But it is made by different manufacturers and is made with different materials, which makes it hard to tell the difference.

There are also differences in materials used for the mesh and the padding.

Men’s helmets are made of the same material as women’s helmets and have a similar texture and feel to women’s, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Manufacturers also use different materials for the helmets to make sure they are not too bulky.

Men use a thicker material and a thicker shell, while women use softer material.

Some manufacturers, including Bora Bora, which produces the Mavic and Mavik, make their helmets with a more lightweight material.

The material used in women’s bicycles is more breathable than that used in the men’s models, according a Bora report.

Bora recommends a synthetic material for the men and a polyurethane or polypropylene material for women’s bikes.

In addition, Bora says its helmets have a wider range of ventilation holes than the mens’ models.

Manufactured by U.K.-based Norgate, the Bora helmet is made for women by an American company, which is a joint venture between U.N. Development Programme and United Nations Children’s Fund.

The helmets are marketed in about 20 countries, including Britain, Japan, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Canada and Australia.

They are made from carbon fiber and polyester with a mesh-like material that provides comfort.

The U.F.O. reported that women in Japan have more severe injuries than men.

Boras helmets also come in a variety of colors, from blue to pink and red, which are sold in pairs.

The Bora Mavics come in black, white and green and are available in black and white.

Borsa has made helmets for women since 2004.

The company began selling helmets in 2007 and sold more than 100,000 of them in 2011, according the U,F.

Os report.

The new women’s model is made using a different material than the older ones, said Michael Wills, chief of the cycling safety and performance program at the U.,F.P.S., the safety and quality assurance program of the American Cycling Association.

“The foam padding is made out of nylon and it’s really good for breathability, but there’s a small amount of wind resistance so you’ll feel it,” Wills said.

The Mavici has a wider shell than the Boras Mavicas, which also features a mesh liner.

The padding is softer and has a more breathability.

The Norgates helmet also has a mesh lining and foam padding.

The size of the padding is larger than the foam lining.

The pads are also made of different materials.

The outer padding is a mesh and is thicker than the inner padding, according U.P., which is part of the U.’s helmet and helmet technology consortium.

The upper shell of the Mivics is a composite material made of polyester and nylon.

The protective padding is plastic and made from the same plastic used in bicycle tires.

The inner padding is polyester, and the inner liner is polypropene.

The exterior padding is an elastic material that is similar to a plastic, but is stronger and more breathably than a mesh.

The liner of the Norgats Mavicy is made up of polypropylsiloxane, a flexible material that allows the liner to be pulled and stretched.

The internal padding is nylon and made of nylon, polyester or a mix of all three.

The top and sides of the liner of Norgatics Mavica are made up from a different polyester material, called polypropelene, which has a soft and flexible feel.

The shell is more than an inch (2.2 centimeters) thick and the pad is about 1.5 inches (2 centimeters).

Both the Maviics and Norgatos Mavis are equipped with a digital headrest and shoulder pads that can adjust for different comfort levels.

The helmet comes with a full battery of protective features, including a heart rate monitor, a compass and GPS, according Bora.

The safety equipment is also made from Bora’s own product line, including the Mavaic headrest, which includes a built-in heart rate sensor.

B.S.-based U.B.

S said it will introduce its own helmet line in the coming months.

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