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Bicycles: Recycle Bicycle Seat Post

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Posted September 07, 2018 05:00:18 The post has been viewed almost 5,000 times.

Read moreBicycles can be an extremely useful, useful, and sometimes expensive asset to have on hand, as it can be useful in transporting a load of groceries, or even being able to transport yourself to a nearby store or a restaurant.

But, as you’ll see in this post, there are also some really cool uses for a bicycle seat post, such as:Recycle bicycles as furniture.

If you have a bicycle, and you have one of those spare seats that you want to throw away, it’s very possible that you could use the post as a storage container.

You can simply remove the seat and put it into the trash.

Or, you can just put it back in its original spot.

If your bike is too big to fit into a carseat, you could simply use the seat post as an extra seat for your bicycle.

If that’s not an option, you have the option of folding the post into a bike rack or saddlebag.

If that’s more your style, you might want to use a saddlebag for transporting a couple of items, such a bag or a backpack.

A bicycle seatpost can also be used to store personal items.

If a bicycle is too heavy for your backpack, a bicycle saddlepost is an ideal way to store a few small items that you’ll need to be able to get around on a daily basis.

And, because it can also fold into a saddle bag, you’ll never have to worry about it breaking.

For more information on bicycle seats and bike racks, check out Bicycle Posting: A Beginner’s Guide.

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