Which bike is the best in this year’s FourFour Two rankings

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FourFour two is back for another round of Six Flags World of Sports rankings.

The Six Flags Super Six Flags series, which debuted in 2013, is an ongoing contest for fans to vote for the best new rides.

 Here’s the complete list of the top six new rides for 2018: New Six Flags rides 1.

The Grand River Ride, Six Flags (Grand River, California)     2.

Grand River, Six Nights at Freddy’s, Disney (New York)  3.

The Ghost Ship Ride, Universal Orlando (Florida) 4.

Haunted Mansion, Universal Studios Florida (Florida, California, Florida, Texas) 5.

The Ride, Paramount (Los Angeles, California/California) 6.

Haunted House, Universal (California) Read the full Six Flags Six Nights At Freddy’s article