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When you’re looking for a tattoo in downtown Houston, the best options are bike shops

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The best tattoo shop in downtown, Houston, has a reputation for attracting the best artists.

It’s a fact that’s been a part of its charm for years.

But, that’s changing.

In June, a number of Houston tattoo shops will be closing.

And the reason for it is not only the city’s economy.

The Houston Downtown Tattoo & Piercing Co. will close its doors on March 16.

It will be replaced by two other tattoo shops, which are set to open by the end of the year.

The two new tattoo shops are both located downtown.

The first will be called The Black Hole Tattoo, which will be known as the tattoo studio of the future.

It is owned by the same company that owns The Black Elephant Tattoo in the area, which opened in late 2017.

The Black Hole will have the same layout as the other tattoo studio, with a smaller space.

However, The Black Heart Tattoo will be a bigger, more spacious space.

This new tattoo studio will have a wider array of artists and will offer a larger range of styles.

There are also plans to open an after-hours tattoo shop, according to a news release.

The new tattoo shop will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

The Black Whale Tattoo is open from 10 a.g. to 8 p.g., Monday to Saturday.

The announcement came as Houston officials unveiled a plan to close down the city-owned Black Hole and other tattoo studios.

That plan is being called the “Save Downtown” initiative.

It is a big change for downtown Houston.

The Downtown Houston Tattoo Co. is located in the corner of Houston and Interstate 10.

The city-run tattoo studio had been open for more than 30 years.

The news of the closing came at the end, of a day when the Houston Downtown Council voted unanimously to move the city to the “save Downtown” plan.

The council voted to start the plan to save the downtown.

The city’s new plan calls for the closing of all downtown tattoo studios, and to convert some of them to the Save Downtown project.

The plan would include the sale of some businesses and the closing or demolition of some buildings.

A few downtown businesses already have had to close.

One downtown restaurant that had been a thriving spot for years has closed down, and another that had housed some of the citys most prominent tattoo artists has been sold to a company called Tattoo Express.

Tattoo Express is headed by Travis Stump, who has been in the tattoo business for more years than any other tattoo artist.

He is a Houston native and a former Houston firefighter.

Travis has been working with the city on the Save downtown initiative for years, but he said that there wasn’t enough support from the community.

“I think the community has a strong feeling that it’s a community that is struggling with that issue,” he said.

“We want to be able to support the artists that are making money, and have them in our community and make sure that they’re able to pay rent.”

Tattoos, however, are not the only business to lose money in the Downtown.

The new plan includes a plan for the sale or conversion of all businesses in the neighborhood.

There will be no more strip clubs, or barber shops, or tattoo parlors.

The Downtown Houston Business Improvement District will be tasked with the plan.

It currently has the responsibility for keeping the Downtown alive.

The downtown business district includes many businesses that sell food and beverage, such as the Whole Foods grocery, the Alamo Drafthouse movie theater and many other restaurants and bars.

But there are also more than 1,400 restaurants, bars and restaurants that have been approved for approval under the Downtown Business Improvement Project, according the news release from the Downtown Houston City Council.

The plan to shut down some of Houston’s tattoo studios is part of the downtown revitalization initiative that is being launched by Mayor Sylvester Turner.

Turner said in a press release that the downtown will be saved by a combination of the Saveowntown initiative and a downtown renaissance.

The Save Downtown initiative, which was started in 2011, is a plan by the city of Houston to revitalize downtown.

It aims to attract more businesses, improve public transportation, and create more affordable housing.

Turner’s goal is to save $250 million in downtown taxes, according a news report from the Houston Chronicle.

But the plan has faced criticism from some who say that it will lead to more strip club and barber shop closures.

Toni Friel, who works as a bartender in the city, told the Chronicle that the Save the Downtown initiative will lead the city into a “ghetto” and will result in more bars and strip clubs.

“The Save the downtown initiative is basically a tax-and-spend initiative.

The more money that goes into downtown, the more strip shops, barber bars, and

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