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The NFL, like many other sports leagues, is struggling to find an adequate replacement for its aging infrastructure.

For a long time, NFL owners and executives have been reluctant to build new stadiums, but the league has recently taken an interest in building new stadiums as a way to attract younger fans and attract more television viewers.

This past weekend, the NFL announced a $2 billion plan to build a new stadium that would replace a 30-year-old football stadium.

The stadium will replace the Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, the home of the Chargers and a long-time tenant of the San Diego Chargers.

The plan has sparked debate about whether the stadium is worth the investment, with many fans claiming the stadium will never work.

But it’s worth noting that the stadium already has a reputation for being the worst facility for running a football game.

According to an article by The Sacramento Bee, the stadium has been the site of two incidents involving fan injuries.

One occurred in 2009 when fans were injured when a football player hit a fan and threw him into a crowd.

Another incident occurred in 2015 when fans broke their legs while playing the field.

The third incident was an injury suffered by a fan when he was hit by a ball during a game in 2012.