‘We can’t do anything’: Bike cable maker to shut down amid competition from Amazon competitor

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A cable company that makes bicycle and pedal brakes says it won’t be able to survive the introduction of Amazon’s new bike cable competitor, which will compete with the cable company’s own product line.

“We can do nothing about it,” said Matt Clements, vice president of sales and marketing for the Boulder, Colorado-based bicycle cable company, ProTech.

“There’s no other company out there that’s going to match Amazon.

We don’t have any competition.”

The announcement comes as the company is trying to compete against Amazon’s own bike cable, which Clements said it is also considering.

The cable company has been in the bike cable business for several years.

The company has a 20-year relationship with Amazon, and the cable is now used in a range of Amazon products.

“I’m trying to figure out how to get back to normalcy,” Clements told the AP.

“What am I going to do with my life?”

The company plans to keep making bicycles, pedal brakes and other accessories for bicycles.

The announcement came after Amazon announced that it would introduce a new bike brand with its own line of cables and accessories.

Amazon also announced plans to bring the cable to all of its stores, as well as online.

“Bicycle cables are a critical part of our bike-centric business model,” Amazon spokesman Alex Blumberg said in a statement.

“As Amazon’s bike products and services expand, we will continue to provide the best, most affordable solutions to customers and customers’ customers.”

Amazon says it will make the cables available to its customers through a free shipping option.

ProTech says it’s also considering competing with Amazon’s cable competitor.

“Our hope is that it’s just the first step in a long-term, robust and sustainable relationship between ProTech and Amazon,” Clement said.

“It’s a huge opportunity for both companies.”

Clements declined to comment on the specifics of Amazon or ProTech’s relationship.

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