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Tour de France: A look back at the 2015 edition of the Tour de Paris

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The Tour de French will once again be held in France, but it will take a different route.

A new edition of this annual cycling race, the Tour du Pays de l’Hôpital, will be held on June 17 and 18, and it will see a new, expanded route, including the final part of the race, and a different course.

The route will be called the Tour of the North, and the first stage will start in Saint-Nazaire, in central France, then travel over the Pyrenees before crossing the Alps to the northern French city of Nice.

This will be the final stage of the 2017 edition of Paris-Nice, but as with last year, the event is not being held in the same town.

Instead, it will be on a completely different route to the last one.

The first stage of Paris’ first-ever road race, this will see cyclists heading to the Alps from the northern town of Aix-en-Provence.

The race will begin in Aix on May 6, and will end in Aigues on May 8.

This year’s race will be shortened due to snow, which will leave just six days of racing for the first time.

The roads in Ail and Tignes will be closed for the entire route, and there will be a reduced number of teams participating in the race due to the conditions.

This means that only three stages of the event will be run.

However, this is a first for the event, and is the first road race to be held outside of France, and therefore not a sanctioned event.

A first stage in France means the start and finish of the entire race in France.

This was the first race of its kind, and this is an event that will see many people from across the globe, and many teams from other countries come together for a unique race.

In a new race, many of the elements that made the Tour a success will not be present.

However for the Tour, the fact that this event will have three stages and that the first one will be in the Alps means that the course will be considerably more challenging than last year.

There will be more technical aspects and a number of long climbs, and that means that this is going to be a big event.

The riders will be battling it out in the mountains, and for some, it may be a little easier to handle than last years race.

There is the possibility of a breakaway being formed and a bunch sprint, but for the majority of the field, this race is about the overall classification, and whether or not they are able to defend it.

A number of big names will be joining the race for the 2017 race, including world champion Michael Matthews, two-time Tour winner Romain Bardet, and more.

For the first two days, the riders will ride in two different weather conditions, but the final day will see them ride in the scorching heat of the Alps.

The temperature in the Pyrenes on June 6 will be about 30 degrees Celsius, with the highest point in Ailly-les-Bains at 34 degrees Celsius.

However in the town of Tignues, the temperature is just 17 degrees Celsius and the highest temperature recorded there was at 35 degrees Celsius on June 4.

In this time, it is expected that the temperature in France will reach the 20 degree Celsius mark in a matter of minutes.

Riders are expected to be exposed to temperatures of at least 20 degrees Celsius in the high-altitude Pyrenee.

If temperatures get to 20 degrees or more, the wind will be at their backs, and riders will have to be careful not to lose their footing or to get knocked down by a falling tree.

The weather is expected to start off hot, and then become cooler over the course of the day.

At the start of the stage, it’s expected that riders will head north-west and then head back towards Aix.

However the weather will get more wintry in the next few days, and by the time the riders head north into Tignous, it could start to get dry again.

The forecast says that temperatures will drop to 20 to 25 degrees Celsius during the day, but by the middle of the afternoon the temperature will be as low as 10 degrees Celsius at the highest points in Aisy-les.

The course is expected be very flat throughout the day and it is predicted that the riders are going to enjoy the conditions and enjoy the scenery of the Pyrees and the Alps before the riders start to head south towards Nice.

In the afternoon, the weather should be perfect for the riders to take a break and enjoy some good racing.

It is expected then that the day will get even hotter in the early afternoon, with temperatures dipping into the 40s Celsius.

At this point, it looks like the temperature could be going up as

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