The Lad and his bicycle

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By Chris GossettThe Lad’s bike is a reminder of the life he lived before he became a homeless man.

When the Lad arrived at the New Haven Shelter in 2009, he had just been released from a six-month jail sentence for shoplifting.

Lad, now 53, was a carpenter, but was a self-employed construction worker and worked as a deliveryman.

He said he loved life in the community and felt he had to stay out of trouble.

But he was never one to live a normal life.

After living in shelters for six years, he was homeless again.

He couldn’t pay his bills and had a small car parked outside his home.

He needed to find somewhere to live.

He knew he had no place to live in the neighborhood.

So he began searching for a place to stay.

The Lad knew there was no place like home.

He wanted to stay close to his daughter.

The homeless shelter has a community kitchen.

But Lad’s family couldn’t afford a kitchen.

So Lad said he turned to the community for help.

They wanted to help Lad.

They gave him a $5,000 loan.

They helped him get a mortgage.

They set up a phone line and made sure Lad had food to eat.

The kitchen, he said, was the best place to call home.

It’s the best part of my life.

It’s what I used to live for.

The Lad told ABC News.

Ladder, the Lad’s mother, is thrilled that Lad has found a place in the shelter.

She said Lad’s story should inspire other homeless people to get back on their feet and get help.LAD said his bike was a symbol of his life.

“He rode a bicycle for eight years,” Lad said.

“It’s his bike, it’s his identity, and he has no home.

I have a car, but it’s my house, and I have to go to work.

I ride my bike every day.

It gives me the strength to live.”

Ladder said Lad, who works as a car mechanic, wanted to make sure his bike could be a symbol to other people.

“I know he wants to make a difference,” Lad told The Lad.

“I’m sure he’s going to make some changes for everybody.”

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