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A new ‘bike boot’ is available in Australia

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A new “bike boot” is available to Australian women who can afford it.

The boot, which will be made from a plastic and leather material, is being developed by Australian bike manufacturer Bike Australia.

The company’s head of marketing and advertising, Ben White, said the boot would be available to women of all ages.

“It will be available at Walmart, you can buy it in Australia, or you can come to Australia to buy it from us, and we’ll send you a receipt and you can get a receipt,” Mr White told ABC News.

“There will be a few other retailers that are also getting in on the action.”

Bike Australia has been manufacturing the boot for some time, but Mr White said the launch of the boot in Australia was a big step forward.

“This is the first time we’ve had a boot made specifically for women, and it’s really something that we’re really excited about,” he said.

“We think women have the ability to benefit from a lot of different things when they wear a bike helmet, and also when they cycle.”

Women can benefit from better posture, better posture can help reduce the risk of falling and injury, and the bicycle boots that we sell can reduce that risk by 50 per cent.”‘

Bike Boot’ will be sold in Australia but not in AustraliaThe new “bike boot” will not be available in Australian stores.

But that hasn’t stopped the company from hoping it will attract women.”

The more people that come and buy it, the more it’s going to get in the hands of women and they’re going to want to buy more,” Mr Brown said.

Bike Boots Australia has previously made a range of products for the female cycling community, including a “bike boots” and a “bicycle boot pack”.

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