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How to buy a new bicycle

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By Chris RuggieroThe bike shop’s owner, Richard Kost, said he was “pretty confident” he would get his $12,000, two-wheeler, which he said he has been using for more than 30 years.

Kost said he bought the new bike from a thrift store for about $7,000.

He said he had ridden it a few times.

“It’s really good,” Kost told USA TODAY, adding that he has ridden his bicycle twice on his own.

The owner said he will now use the bike for his own riding and to get to the office.

He is still unsure of the bike’s durability.

“I haven’t ridden it much yet,” Kust said.

The thrift shop has been closed for more years because of the weather, but the owner said his shop is still able to sell new bicycles and is now working on a bicycle repair business.