What it’s like to be a developer on the front lines of Uber’s ride-hailing revolution

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Uber has been working to improve its safety record since it announced it would acquire rival Lyft in October 2016.

Uber has not revealed exactly how many cars it currently has in operation, but it has announced that it will soon be adding 10 million rides a day in the US, which it hopes will help it build a larger driver base.

But when it comes to driving in cities, Uber is still far behind Lyft.

In the first quarter of 2018, Uber had 4 million rides in cities that are in its core network, and Lyft had 7.5 million rides, according to data from the San Francisco-based startup’s drivers union.

In all, Uber’s drivers had fewer than 1 million rides for each of the past four quarters, and those rides have dropped precipitously since then.

Uber drivers in Chicago have only 1.5 rides per car, compared to Lyft’s 2.8 rides per vehicle, according the data Uber obtained from the drivers union and published Thursday.

Uber’s overall driver count has fallen from more than 40 million in 2018 to just over 30 million now, the data shows.

“The way that we operate in terms of safety and our work is that we’re very strict about that.

That’s a very difficult thing to do, to have to put up with people being very reckless,” Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said on the sidelines of a conference call with analysts on Wednesday.”

We have the resources and we have the leadership to be able to do it.

We’re not going to be the first, we’re not the last, and we’re certainly not going away,” Kalanik added.

Uber drivers are also being asked to get used to a new ride-sharing service, Lyft Black, which is essentially Uber’s self-driving car platform.

While Uber’s fleet has only been operating in California for a few months, the company has already begun operating in New York City and Boston.

Lyft Black currently has a fleet of just 6,000 vehicles.

While Kalanicky says Uber drivers can drive safely in any city, he has repeatedly stressed that he is looking for Uber drivers to work with him in cities where the city allows it.

Uber is not the only company to be dealing with driver safety issues.

Earlier this month, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said that it had begun enforcing its “right to charge” law in some states that could lead to fines for companies that do not provide drivers with adequate insurance and a “good faith” warning before charging drivers for a ride.

Uber also has faced controversy after it was revealed that it was using fake driver names to lure drivers to its service.

Uber claims that it uses a variety of technologies to track and identify potential drivers, but critics say that’s just part of a bigger marketing strategy that allows it to make a profit off of drivers’ unpaid labor.

Uber has also been struggling to get drivers to pay for their cars and Uber’s new car insurance program, which requires drivers to have a minimum amount of insurance coverage.

Uber also says that it has the capacity to hire additional drivers as the market expands.

In a statement to Recode, Uber CEO and co-founder Travis Kalanez said he has always been “committed to ensuring that we have drivers who are ready to help us on the road and on the job,” adding that Uber has “worked tirelessly to improve safety and performance in our fleet and to create a culture where people are confident about being able to drive for Uber.”

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